Grand Knight’s Letter

April 9, 2018

Grand Knights Report

April is here and we have completed the Eater Season. Even though the weather outside doesn’t feel like spring, the calendar says it is.

This is also a time where we enter the final quarter of our fraternal year. Though we started the year with a big hole in membership due to the suspension of a several members we still have a shot at ending the year flat- which would be a huge accomplishment. We need to recruit just five more members to end the year even- so I ask each of you to consider inviting one person to become a Knight.

For the current year we have 27 members who have not paid their dues yet. Being experienced in sales it is always easier to renew an existing customer than to recruit a new one. Our 27 un-paid members include:

2016/2017                           3

2010-2015                            5

Before 2010                        19

Of these, six are insurance members

Retaining members from this group is important. The majority of these members have not attended a meeting in over three years, yet at one time they made the effort to join the Knights. Unlike last year the vast majority of these members live in Eagan/Apple Valley. We need to reach out to these members to get them to continue their membership- or at least find out why they have lapsed.

I welcome input from anyone who can help resolve this issue.

Grand Knight

Dick Benson

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