Grand Knight’s Letter

May 2018

What does being a Knight mean?

I asked that question to myself- what does it mean to be a Knight and member of the Faithful Shepherd Council?

Promotional materials from Supreme say that as Knights we should be committed to daily prayer, weekly Mass, and building a community of faith. This is the Knights of Columbus difference, knowing that you are backed by a band of brothers in the quest to become better Catholic men. As an organization we are provided access to faith-building materials that will help us draw closer to God and lead with faith. As a Knight or as a Council do we take advantage of these tools?

For me personally, I’ve taken the vow to defend life. Standing up to protect the unborn, those with physical and mental disabilities, and most importantly to protect those in end of life struggles. Allowing these individuals to die in dignity and respect.

Building faith and supporting life don’t require dollars, they require time, something way more valuable than money. What does it mean for you to be a Knight? I would sure like to hear from you.

Vivet Jesus

Dick Benson

Grand Knight

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